A journey of one magic carpet.

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Let this post bring some warmth into your hearts and some knowledge for your heads.

A few months ago I wrote about Shyrdaks, the traditional handmade carpet of the Kyrgyz and Kazakh peoples. Unfortunately, the craft of Shyrdak making is slowly vanishing. You probably know that I am a proud owner of an 8 wall 6m Kazakh Yurt made by Kazakh craftsmen with traditional technology and materials. The Shyrdak is a traditional, essential centerpiece of every yurt, so I started to search for this special carpet.

I first searched Kazakhstan. After months of searching, I found only one small company that was still making them at a price tag of $5,000. Sorry, I love traditional arts and crafts, but that’s just too much.

Then I started searching in Kyrgyzstan. I found a company of women who were ready to make me one, but unfortunately our conversation over email died off and my last 3 emails were never answered. I then found on one classified site a phone number of a woman that claimed she is a traditional manufacturer of Shyrdaks on the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake. I typed in the number in WhatsApp.

Someone on the other end said that they could indeed make me a 6m Shyrdak at an affordable price. I already knew what design I wanted: exactly the same as the one that comes with miniature yurts that I sell here. We agreed on the price and she asked for a wire transfer. “Send money to XXXX name, Address Bishkek.” It sounded like a Nigerian email fraud and I doubt that anyone who reads it right now would actually send the money. However, I grew up in this region. I know people that live around the lake, and some of them are my personal friends that left the lake region and now live all over the world.

So I just sent the money. And forgot about it completely until 3 months later, when someone tagged me in a picture on Facebook. There, I see my beautiful carpet almost ready, and a few days later a girl on WhatsApp sent me a few more pictures and asked for the second half of their money.

28 sheep were sheared and 8 people worked for almost three months to make this piece of art and now it’s ready to be covered by my yurt.

Shyrdak yurt

Kyrgyz Shyrdak


shyrdak canada

yurt carpet

I’m posting a lot of pictures and more frequent progress on my Facebook page. Please like and share.

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Sao Bol,

  • F Prodigy

    Hi Vlad,
    That is quite amazing! I’m interested in your progress and may consider contacting her someday. I have a 6m Kazakh yurt I’m about to put back up here in California. Best concept for a floor I’ve come across yet.
    Best wishes

    • Thank you sir. Where are you right now? Still in Atyrau? I will make a blog post about the platform soon. Stay in touch. info at kochevnik.ca

    • Thank you. Email me info at kochevnik.ca if you have any questions