Basic differences between Turkic (kazakh yurt) and Mongol yurt – Ger

There are two types of yurts: Turkic type.

yurt turkic


and Mongolian type

Mongolian (ger)

Turkic type of yurt, used the Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Turkmen and Mongolian type used in virtually all other nomadic peoples (Mongolia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Tuva and Tibet).

The main difference between these two types of yurts from each other is the Dome poles Рuuk which forms a dome tent. The Turkic yurt uuk has a bend and Mongolian does not. The Turkic yurt dome due weight is transferred to the bending uuka kerege (wall tent), which also has a bend that increases rib. Due to the curvature of the roof poles to get the Turkic yurt dome set that allows you to not to release the supporting pillars and the interior space.

The Mongolian yurt is no bending of the dome poles, so the main burden falls on the center of the yurt. Therefore, in the center of the Mongolian yurt are the pillars on which rests svetodymovoy hoop supports direct poles fixed to the vertical walls.

Turkic yurt looks more elegant, but Mongolian more easy to use, due to the construction of pillars placed more easily, although in ancient times it would be aggravating circumstances yurt carriage on horseback. Each type of tent has its own advantages and disadvantages, and, of course, is groundless to assert today that any type is better than another.

Besides basic differences exist also a number of other features and differences as between these types, and inside them.