Build your own Yurt with Uni-Yurt: A review

Hello Nomads.

I finally received a DIY ethnic souvenir, the Uni-Yurt. It was designed and made in Kyrgyzstan and offered as a build-it-yourself kit. The slogan of Uni-Yurt is “Think Nomad” and this is the only high-quality miniature yurt available on the market. Now let’s see what’s in the box.


Uni-Yurt manual

The manual comes in FOUR languages: Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Russian, and English. I find it very nice that they used Kazakh and Kyrgyz since Central Asia is their market of focus. The steps described in the manual are very easy to understand, but be patient with yourself. The designers really did a good job on “authenticity” and you will have to sweat and curse a bit during assembly. Manual in English

Time to put together kerege (walls). Parts of Uni-Yurt

Make sure that you pay attention to the direction of the sticks. I had to disassemble my walls a few times because of it.Kerege

Just a hint. There are no spare parts included. So if you have left overs, check if you missed a step….or two!
Build kerege

Be prepared to pick up dropped Uyks (roof supports).

It should look like this after you are done…


What can I say? I absolutely love this toy. It took me just over a half an hour to build it. And by now I had some hands on experience with a real Yurt, so this mini-yurt is a nice memento for me. This is a great family toy that will make you feel awesome once you finish the assembly and admire your creation.

At price tag of $45 it is not the cheapest set, but if you think how much effort was put into it, plus shipping charges and the uniqueness of it – it’s a good buy and makes a great gift. You can buy one right here.

Sao Bol