Hunt for the right Fat or how to cook an authentic plov in Canada





Plov. One of the most iconic dishes in Central Asia. It’s been a subject of hot debates back in Kazakhstan. Every nation out of 5 central Asian socialist republics claimed that their plot is most authentic.

The most famous is Uzbek Tashkent or Bukhara plot with addition of cumin and rasins. Kyrgyz plov with the tomato salad shakyrap and many more variations were a big part of my life since I was a kid bach in Soviet Union.

The only thing in common and most important ingredient had the right to be a “Real” plov was a sheep fat called “Kurduk”. The fat from the but of a ship that melts at low temperature. The fat that has been hated by many kids including myself when grandma rubs it into your chest when you have a cold, the fat that every soviet central asian kid knows so well.

Since I started Kochevnik project my goal is to collect and preserve traditions, craft and cuisine of nomads. And Plov is the king. But it can’t be authentic without the butt fat of a certain breed of sheep that develops it’s butt fat called kurduk or in arabian culture…….

I have to be honest with you, my reader, that I never cooked plov in my entire life but since my project been pretentious of been as authentic as possible, I had to get all the right ingredients from the start.

So kochevnik’s plov started with a 30 hour research on fat and how to get it in Canada.

To make a long story short, I located a farm that raises Tunis sheep that holds the fat where I need it. In the butt and the tail. An hour drive to the farm and I was rewarded with kurduk or at least the closes version of it.

And I made my first Plov. It was a good first try. I can’t wait when I will be able to repeat it on an open fire near my Yurt.

Here is a quick gallery of stages of Plov.



Fry some ribs and melt fat

Take ribs outIMG_2573

Fry some onionIMG_2574IMG_2575

Add some meatIMG_2576Some carrots

Mix it upIMG_2578

Let it juice and add garlic

Garlic outIMG_2587

Add rice and some waterIMG_2589IMG_2590


Sao Bol