Kochevnik project – The art of taking it slow

The art of taking it slowkochevnik shaman

In the past I rushed into ambitious and difficult projects. Sometimes foolishly brave and I lost more battles than won, but those wins were epic. After my previous wounds healed and scar tissue got thicker I am changing my cowboy approach to a more calculated and slow one. Enjoying every step of it and mastering (at least as close as possible to mastery) every skill for the journey.
Vova kochevnikSo in the past most of my project were more “Big PICTURE” driven rather than joy and enjoyment of the process. Result always mattered more than the process itself. That’s why a graveyard of businesses is considerably larger than my trophy shelf.

Boating #yurtliving

I was a proud location independent entrepreneur and now I have an 8-5 job that barely pays living expenses, but it’s a launchpad. Something I had to do 10 years ago. New lessons learned to keep moving forward…

Hanging out

How does my yurt fits into this? Well. It’s an art and a skill to set it up and to live there. Everything about the yurt and history is reflected in my daily life. The more I learn what it takes to make a felt for the carpet to keep me warm in winter, or what it takes to make a Tush Kiyiz that will entertain my eyes on the wall, I look at things differently and I pay more attention and put extra care into what I do.

Tush Kiyiz

Tush Kiyiz or tush kiiz

Tush Kiyiz

II already live over 2 months on an incredible land in my yurt. I collect arts crafts and stories from Central Asian countries, worked hard this winter to create my little universe.

Now it is time to get ready for winter. Make sure you follow my journey on my Facebook page to see new pictures and happenings



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