Problems with shipping my Yurt from Kazakhstan to Canada – need your advise

Let your cattle and family be in good health, my dear readers.

It’s time to give you an update on my project. Assuming that you read my previous blog post where I described how I purchased my yurt, I’ll follow up and satisfy your curiosity.

First of all, It’s still in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The reason is once again my own stupidity and inability of the businesses of my former country to work in civilized and efficient ways. For the last 2 months, I’ve been trying to ship it to Ottawa and the logistics company gave me a very hefty quote. It will cost $10,00 USD. And the funny thing is that it costs more by sea than by air. Here is a picture of the quote:

Shipping from Kazakhstan

Shipping from Kazakhstan

Now I am in a pickle. First, it seems that this quote does not make too much sense in terms of how they calculate volume/weight. UPDATE: According to my friend that had a chance to talk to the representative –  “The chargeable weight is about 2044 kgs, the length is 3 m, so the cargo is non-standard, and we have that quote from KLM. I spoke with the coordinator who quoted this delivery and noticed that the rate was quoted with the minimum margin and includes all door-to-door services, excluding customs duties”   Still, it seems excessive since my 3.5m yurt from China is shipped as we speak for $200 USD.

It makes me sad that this project will be D.O.A. if I can’t figure out a more affordable way.

I need your help!

Does anyone know a cheaper way to get my new home to Ottawa, Canada? Any help and advice will help. Maybe the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Canada can assist? 🙂

Sad Kazakh

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