The first Yurt has arrived – First Vlog post – Disaster

There’s a time to tear down and a time to build,

Let the peace be upon you my dear reader!

Yesterday I received a phone call from customs brokers that my Yurt that ordered from China cleared the customs and is ready for a pick up. It’s actually happening. Kochevnik projects gets real. To have a step back, a week ago I reposted an add in a local classified that I am looking for a land for my project and received an offer that I couldn’t refuse. A nice couple allowed me to use their land on a bank of a river on a Quebec side.
They also allowed me to camp on their land on our Last long weekend of warm weather in exchange of extending the range of their Wi – Fi signal.

I took some time of work, rented a U-Haul cargo trailer and took of to Montreal to pick it up from a warehouse. I will skip my first part of adventure when my trailer disconnected from the hitch and almost went loose on a highway because I didn’t know how to attach it properly.

Since I couldn’t find another person to help me to set it up my first attempt was unsuccessful. You can see a short video in my Vlog here:

Tomorrow I will try it again…

Sao Bol