Yurt is up and shining. Vlog post 2

Greetings my reader

As you remember from my first vlog post, my first attempt to install a small yurt was a disaster. I had to take it apart and reassemble with the help of a few friends. We made quite a few mistakes down the road like putting the felt upside down, having some spare parts left and used wrong ropes. But after all it’s satisfactory and Melania and I lived there happily for the last 3 nights.  You can see my 3 minute vlog post here:

Ironically enough, yesterday I received a message from the factory, saying that in case I experience trouble installing the yurt, there’s a video for my reference. AAggghhhh! Really!!!!??? I didn’t ask them beforehand? Sometimes I really question natural selection because it allowed me to get to my age alive and in one piece….. Anyway. Here is a video for all of you future small yurt owners

Sao Bol