Yurt living part 3 – Small yurt setup. Quick update

Hello my dear readers. It’s time for a quick update. Small Yurt addition.

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased a small ger in addition to my traditional Kazakh yurt. The main purpose is to store my tools, supplies and also put my composting toilet. I will write about it in my future post.

Today I am just sharing some pictures from the set up day. This wouldn’t be possible without Kazakh Diaspora in Montreal. Thanks to everyone who participated.

  1. I used the same method to build a straw bale yurt platform as my Kazakh yurt
Yurt platform

Straw bale yurt platform

2. It is only 3.5m in diameter and unlike the Kazakh yurt, has straight roof rafters.


Small Ger for @truekochevnik

Small Ger for @truekochevnik

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I had some extra (Shii-straw mat) that fit perfectlyIMG_5383

In my future posts I will talk about the tools and gadgets I use for my #yurtlife


Stay tuned.

Sao bol